Ryan and Marissa

We received first class service from our initial conversations about starting the buying process all the way through closing. Marion Tilley and her son Chip Tilley, went above and beyond to make sure our best interests were the primary focus. They made it a point to make sure that we understood everything that was happening each step of the way through a very long and incredibly challenging transaction. Between the two of them their wealth of knowledge is incredible. We were treated with respect and we never felt like we were anything less than their top priority. They left no stone unturned to assure that we received the best deal possible on the home we wanted. The service provided by Chip and Marion is second to none.
Marion and Chip did everything to exceed our expectations. The home we ended up buying almost didn’t happen. We looked at the house, loved it, made our offer, and then went through an incredibly difficult and frustrating negotiation period. At one point we had to cancel the transaction all together because an agreement could not be made with the seller. We were very disappointed that the house that we thought was ours was now gone and we had to start back at square one. As we were looking at other properties in our modest price range that weren’t as nice as the one initially made an offer on, Marion and Chip went back to the drawing board when they really didn’t have to, or weren’t expected to and came up with a solution. We are now in the house we wanted and loved in the first place. When working with Marion and Chip we were treated like family first and a client second. I truly believe that they base their success on the satisfaction of their clients and knowing that they are improving the lives of the people they serve by being an advocate in one of the most stressful, confusing, and expensive transactions a family’s lives. I have referred friends to Marion and Chip and they echo my statements and were treated in the exact same way. Five years prior to this transaction I sold a home and used the Tilley’s and in the five years between transactions they would follow up with us regularly just to say hi and to see how the kids were doing. I not only have two great agents I also have two great friends. I would recommend Marion and Chip to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a home and believe that anyone who does not use them is doing themselves a great disservice. My satisfaction is off the charts.


"[Marion] knows her stuff, knows how to get things done and is able to walk inexperienced sellers, like me, through the entire process. She was able to hand-hold us through a very difficult process. She is very helpful and nice. Wonderful to work with!"


"Marion went above and beyond what I had expected. She was professional in every way, yet personable and accommodating. I never expected such excellent help in the sale of my home. I totally appreciated all the open houses as well. I have sung Marion's praises in the past to all my relatives and friends."

Mark & Gena

"Marion is the consummate Real Estate Professional. From the first day we met to the day we closed escrow on the house Marion was always on top of every detail. Because of Marion's professional knowledge and advice our Redmond home sold in one day for list price! Thank you Marion!"


"I have successfully sold two residential properties, with Marion acting as the listing agent, in the last five years. She was efficient and knowledgeable at marketing both though they were in two entirely different areas. I have recommended her to two additional sellers and would highly recommend her to anyone wishing to sell their property."


[Marion] is a positive thinker, diplomatic, and dedicated to her industry. Without being pushy, she is aggressive in her pursuit of buyers for her listings. I have the highest regard for her abilities and have my sincerest appreciation for her assistance and efforts in my behalf."

Brad & Samantha

"The most impressive part was discovering that every one of us believed you specialized in homes in our area from Queen Anne to the Eastside! Everyone to whom I spoke was stunned at your knowledge and expertise of the entire region. It was funny to hear people asking other people where they lived and then the astonished gasping, 'I thought she only knew my area!' What a compliment to your abilities to customize your services to the needs of each client!"

Maureen & Rodney

"During the sale process, Marion assisted us with getting a roofing contractor, giving us help on what needed to be fixed or what could be left as is, and tips on staging the house for sale. Most important of all, she marketed our home in such a way as to give us a steady supply of qualified Buyers. The house sold quickly at a higher price than we had anticipated. Thank you Marion!"

Robert & Robyn

We wish to express our deep appreciation for the services performed by Marion Tilley in securing our new home in Redmond. Her responsiveness and critical advice gave us the critical edge in developing a winning offer in a very short notice, competitive bid. Her follow-through, tapping into her well maintained support network in for financing, inspection and other services make her one of the most effective and efficient real-estate professionals we have encountered. During the period in which we made our purchase, we were living in two states and under extreme loads professionally. The entire process was conducted with email and fax transmissions which Marion carefully monitored and orchestrated, accommodating the needs of our busy professional lives. We truly appreciate Marion's professional preparedness and execution capabilities and heartily recommend Marion as your buying or selling agent when considering your next real-estate transaction.

Brad and Heather

I met Marion for the first time when I was fifteen years old. Marion was my parents Realtor. My parents house sold the same weekend that Marion listed the house. They were very pleased with her knowledge of the market.

Later, when my husband and I began to look for our first home, we naturally called Marion. She helped us find a home that fit our needs, in our price range and it came with five acres too! The home appraised for $20,000 more than our agreed upon sale price! We were ecstatic!

Three years late, Marion helped us sell our home and find a 2.5 acre lot on which to build our new home. We begin construction this year! Marion helped us every step of the way. I recommend Marion to all of my friends and family as she goes way above and beyond her job to make the home buying and selling process stress free. Marion assisted my sister with the purchase of her condo and my junior high librarian with the purchase of her home!

Sophie & David

Now that we are well settled into our new home, we wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for the help you have given us over the last few years.

You may recall that we first met at an open house you were holding. At that time we were new to the area, and we were struck by how genuine and helpful you were in answering many of our property related questions and as many non-property related ones!

We have worked with you since then on three transactions, two purchases and a sale, and also on many wild goose chases in-between. We really appreciated that you worked with us with a long-term perspective- never trying to rush us into a sale, always giving us the space and information to allow us to make good decisions.

Hopefully, we are well settled and we won't need your services for a while: the home we have now really does offer so many of our must have characteristics. However, be assured that if we do need real estate help, or if we have friends who need help we'll be heading in your direction again.

James and Carol

My wife and I were consolidating a transcontinental living arrangement; she living in Bellingham WA and I in Hartford CT. Both of us were relocating to Seattle for new jobs and hopefully the ideal house.

Close friends of ours referred us to Marion. They had worked with Marion to find their dream home on Queen Anne Hill. Although based in Bellevue, WA (east of Seattle), we were assured that Marion new all the nooks and crannies, at all price ranges, in all (or most of) King county.

We formally listed for sale the house in Bellingham in July with an agent there and then contacted Marion in Seattle the same week; hopefully anticipating the quick sale of the Bellingham house.

The house in Bellingham did not close until early December, almost 6 months later. Most every weekend, Marion would patiently show us houses we had selected from her extensive listing provided (with photographs) on-line at her Windermere web site. We would visit 5-6 houses per weekend mostly of our choosing but some suggested by Marion. In those initial trips, Marion was clearly trying to understand our preferences in housing. Never once (like many a real estate agents) did she take us to listings that were "lingering" (or dying?) on their sales lists. Marion allowed us to select listings we thought we liked and she would give us her honest opinion of the house, the street and the neighborhood, as far as sound investments.

As a real estate agent, you will find none better. Her knowledge of the Seattle area is only paralleled by her understanding of real estate law and protocol. Several times during our sale of the Bellingham home, it was Marion that gave us invaluable advice on numerous issues in selling the house, something the local Bellingham agent NEVER did. Marion proved accessible at almost a moment's notice, willing to give hours of her day in our search or to answer a question. The Bellingham agent was hardly ever heard from.

During our six months on these Seattle tours, we came to enjoy not only Marion's professional manner but also her personable demeanor. We came to look forward to seeing her each week and have met socially since the purchase of our house. Marion is thoroughly enjoyable person that makes the sometime stressful task of moving, re-locating, and dealing with real estate issues really fun (well, at least the parts she was involved in!).

The Seattle real estate market is unique, at least to markets not on the West coast. I can think of no one I would recommend more highly than Marion if one were considering moving to the area.

Oh, what does the title, "At the next left legal left turn, you have reached your destination", signify? If you haven't ridden in a Lexus SUV with a GPS tracking system with a luscious female computer voice, you are in for a treat.